Saturday 26 March 2011

Scribblemania 27

Time to meet Pip.

Here are a few rough drawings of him
before going to final artwork.

Pip is our unlikely hero in the Spindlewood Tales books.

In book one you will discover what Pip is up against
and hear all about;

The Deadman's Hand
The sinister secret of the great walled city of Hangman's Hollow
A forest of sinister trees that will hatch out a swarm of midnight creatures
And if that wasn't enough, there is always the threat of the hook handed man.

To search inside the pages, read the reviews or buy the book, go to

1 comment:

Unknown said...

About halfway through the new book Pip and the Wood Witch Curse.
Brilliant book. Ilustrations are great. Can't wait to find out if Pip goes into the forest!