Thursday, 9 July 2015

Scribblemania 110

Wow, a revelation. I have downloaded the app and I can now blog from my phone. I have officially entered the modern age. Technology, quite literally at my fingertips. 

How shall I celebrate ? Well in true modern, up to the minute and down with the kids kinda styleeeeee ... I shall do a studio selfie ! 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Scribblemania 109


Ahoy there all you surfers of the virtual ocean......

My new series - 'Pocket Pirates' will be hitting the shelves in August and is 
inspired by my life long love of Mary Norton's The Borrowers, 
mixed with a passion for the buccaneering side of life. 
The first book - The Great Cheese Robbery will be available in August 
and I'll be posting again soon with more details of events and signings 
and other nonsense. 

Front cover rough sketch - Book 1

Opening spread - Book 1

The final front cover for Book 1 as it will appear on the shelves so 
don't forget to keep your piratey peepers out for it in the near future. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Scribblemania 108

                                               Happy Birthday ALICE

Believe it or not, ALiCe in WOndErLanD has never been out of print and is 150 years old this year.
So in celebration I've put a sketchbook to one side to ponder over,  and respond to, this marvellous work of the imagination.
The work will eventually be exhibited this year at Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Keep a look out for more and I'll post as I go along.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Scribblemania 107

I had a lovely time recently up in Scotland at the Borders Book Festival. Over 300 children came to see me and my event was introduced by the very lovely and hugely talented, Vivian French.

I'd never met Viv before and luckily we had chance to have a good old chat beforehand.

Not long after my visit I received a very nice email from a lovely family who had been to my event and wanted to meet me afterwards, but had not had the chance. We had a couple of conversations and it turned out that young Charlie had wanted to ask me if I would draw a picture of Mortimer Keene onto his hard earned pocket money (if you haven't met Mortimer yet check Scribblemania 105).

Last week I received Charlie's spending money, not to mention some VERY impressive artwork by Charlie and Ellie, his younger sister.

Not bad eh !

So... to cut a long story short, here it is. I'll post it in the next day or so.

Hello to Charlie, Ellie, Jenny and Stuart Mackenzie and a big 'get well soon' to Charlie.
Thank you for reminding me how much it can mean to people out in the audience when I'm stood there feeling like I'm just talking nonsense and not knowing whether I'm making a difference or not.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Scribblemania 106

A bit of miniature creative nonsense whilst relaxing on holiday - tiny handmade books - a proper test of my patience - and I have to admit - I'm NOT patient. I'll never do this EVER again. But anyway, here, for your amusement - The Little Book of Scribblemania, The Little Book of Dead Things and The Little Book of Horrors.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scribblemania 105

If you haven't already met him (and shame on you if you haven't), allow me to introduce you to Mortimer Keene. Mortimer is the star of a new series, created by Tim Healey and decorated with scribbles by my good self.
As a result of getting up to no good in the science lab, Mortimer invents a clutter of crazed machines, all with worrying attributes. They churn out everything from SLIME to GHOSTS to ALIENS and the children and staff of St Barnabas school have to suffer the consequences.
These books are light on text with a fun rhyming narrative and a truck load of artwork. Just right for bridging that often, awkward gap, between picture book and young fiction or illustrated novel.

I often put the Amazon link up when I highlight a particular book or series so today I'm going to play fair and ask you to support your local bookseller and/or library. If they don't have the books in they will be able to order them so please do give them your custom. It's important.
Infact, here's the link to my own local children's Bookshop in Lindley, 
run by the amazing Sonia Benster
There are six in the series so if you've read all there is to read so far, don't go away, there's more.

This week sees the release of the gloriously ORANGE 'Alien Abduction'
(the colour is MUCH zingier in real life than it appears here)

If you fancy having a go at drawing the boy genius, here's a step by step guide to print out or copy from your screen. Give it a go. And no rubbing out !

This series is published by those lovely people at Hodder Children's Books and thanks to their strong  Rights and Sales teams the series is not only working its way around the UK but also taking a packed suitcase, sunglasses and passport and heading around the world too.

 Working on these books means I am teaming up with my good buddies -designer Nigel Baines (who has worked wonders on the layouts) and tip-top Publisher Emma Layfield - a major force in the Children's Book World. Great people to work with.
Here's me and Emma in a recent pic and I apologise for being dressed as a pirate -AGAIN ! 

Look out for all 6 of the Mortimer Books.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Scribblemania 104

I've been busy travelling around and enjoying some fun stuff on the events side of things so here I am, catching up on the blog eventually !

Recent events have taken me to Ironbridge in Shropshire (for the Pop -Up Festival), Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, (for the Sharjah Reading Festival),  a very foggy Aberdeen in Scotland where I visited the International School and finally to York to help open the new Waterstones. Since I came home I've also done the second stint of the Pop-Up Festival in Purfleet, Essex and the final showdown will be at Swiss Cottage, Camden in London in July, (Look out on Twitter for more updates).

Not wishing to bore you further with all my tales and nonsense, here are a few visual highlights;

The Pop Up Festival balloon, flying high in the blue above Ironbridge.

Creative workshop crazyness

The Spooktorium, made for me by those lovely people at the Royal Opera House

With top team - Corrine Gotch and Ashley Baugh (from Midas PR) who both accompanied me on events in Sharjah and Dubai

Here we are outside the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest building 
(despite me being almost the same height)

And of course, a touch of Scribblemania from Waterstones, York opening day

A few observations from Sharjah

A really HUGE thank you to the team @ Hodder Children's Books, Lizz Skelly, Corrine Gotch, 
Ashley Baugh, Midas PR, 
Josie Crimp, International School of Aberdeen, Waterstones York, and the amazing Pop Up Festival team for such a crazy innovative idea that came together brilliantly. 
Oh and I'd like to thank my director, my producer, my mum and dad, everyone who voted for me and of course, all the people at BAFTA ! Can I go to sleep now please, I'm tired ?