Sunday 20 March 2016

Scribblemania 115

Hello screen junkies, just a quick catch up on my many adventures and current projects.

Pocket Pirates 
Book 2 The Great Drain Escape is now available and arrives just as I have some good news about the little Buccaneers travelling to foreign lands. Thanks due here to the amazing Rights team at Hodder. More of that lovely and welcome news as and when I'm allowed to tell you. In the meantime, order your mini Buccaneers here. Book 3 is poised to go to the printing palace and the manuscript for Book 4 awaits my ridiculously silly scribbles.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas
The follow up to the hugely successful A Boy Called Christmas is now a first draft manuscript in my hands and I am VERY excited and pleased to be working with Matt Haig and the lovely team at Canongate again. I can't show anything just yet so here's one VERY tiny corner from the sketchbook to whet your appetite. The first book will publish in over twenty other countries at Christmas this year and that will coincide with the U.K. Paperback release at the same time as book two is released in hardback. Check out book one here if you haven't seen it already.

Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold
Shortly to be released through Andersen Press I have been working on a new series devised by the crazy cool and whacky, all round nice guy, Steve Webb. These books involve Bitterly Bay's mischievous camper van driving pirate- Spangles Mc Nasty and his trusty sidekick Sausage Faced Pete. The first book involves, of course, a goldfish robbery and should not be missed as it's a laugh out loud read. Take a squint here.

And as a full stop to add to the bottom of the page, I'm currently working on dressing up my favourite cafe - The Loom Lounge @ Dean Clough Mills in Halifax where Stuart and Karrin have shown a huge interest in my work and in particular my Alice drawings. So I'll very shortly be showing you the decorated walls. In the meantime here is some of the wallpaper and the coasters we've designed for the tables, (available in the cafe to buy or pinch from the table tops)


Elaine Cleary said...

Hi Chris, love these coasters (and all your work in fact). The best thing is I live in Bradford, so I'll have to drop in to the cafe sometime soon.

Bunnyz said...

Hey ,
I'm a 22 girl which people call an artist from the middle east .
Just love your books and your art so much .

CUTIE said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Chris, I'm the T.A from the school you visited today. We really had a great time with you drawing the iron man. I'm really inspired witg your art skills and feeling so proud to meet such talented person like you. Thank you so much for your time.