Tuesday 26 August 2014

Scribblemania 107

I had a lovely time recently up in Scotland at the Borders Book Festival. Over 300 children came to see me and my event was introduced by the very lovely and hugely talented, Vivian French.

I'd never met Viv before and luckily we had chance to have a good old chat beforehand.

Not long after my visit I received a very nice email from a lovely family who had been to my event and wanted to meet me afterwards, but had not had the chance. We had a couple of conversations and it turned out that young Charlie had wanted to ask me if I would draw a picture of Mortimer Keene onto his hard earned pocket money (if you haven't met Mortimer yet check Scribblemania 105).

Last week I received Charlie's spending money, not to mention some VERY impressive artwork by Charlie and Ellie, his younger sister.

Not bad eh !

So... to cut a long story short, here it is. I'll post it in the next day or so.

Hello to Charlie, Ellie, Jenny and Stuart Mackenzie and a big 'get well soon' to Charlie.
Thank you for reminding me how much it can mean to people out in the audience when I'm stood there feeling like I'm just talking nonsense and not knowing whether I'm making a difference or not.

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