Saturday 28 June 2014

Scribblemania 105

If you haven't already met him (and shame on you if you haven't), allow me to introduce you to Mortimer Keene. Mortimer is the star of a new series, created by Tim Healey and decorated with scribbles by my good self.
As a result of getting up to no good in the science lab, Mortimer invents a clutter of crazed machines, all with worrying attributes. They churn out everything from SLIME to GHOSTS to ALIENS and the children and staff of St Barnabas school have to suffer the consequences.
These books are light on text with a fun rhyming narrative and a truck load of artwork. Just right for bridging that often, awkward gap, between picture book and young fiction or illustrated novel.

I often put the Amazon link up when I highlight a particular book or series so today I'm going to play fair and ask you to support your local bookseller and/or library. If they don't have the books in they will be able to order them so please do give them your custom. It's important.
Infact, here's the link to my own local children's Bookshop in Lindley, 
run by the amazing Sonia Benster
There are six in the series so if you've read all there is to read so far, don't go away, there's more.

This week sees the release of the gloriously ORANGE 'Alien Abduction'
(the colour is MUCH zingier in real life than it appears here)

If you fancy having a go at drawing the boy genius, here's a step by step guide to print out or copy from your screen. Give it a go. And no rubbing out !

This series is published by those lovely people at Hodder Children's Books and thanks to their strong  Rights and Sales teams the series is not only working its way around the UK but also taking a packed suitcase, sunglasses and passport and heading around the world too.

 Working on these books means I am teaming up with my good buddies -designer Nigel Baines (who has worked wonders on the layouts) and tip-top Publisher Emma Layfield - a major force in the Children's Book World. Great people to work with.
Here's me and Emma in a recent pic and I apologise for being dressed as a pirate -AGAIN ! 

Look out for all 6 of the Mortimer Books.

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