Tuesday 18 March 2014

Scribblemania 102

I was tidying the studio a bit today and came across these works in the plan chest.
All three images are from Dust 'n' Bones - Ten Ghost Stories

Grab yourself a copy here:      Dust'n'Bones

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Anonymous said...

We've just discovered your books- and we think the illustrations are outstanding! You are an amazing artist. At the beginning of 'Dust n' Bones' we really liked the way you 'talked' to the reader, just as if you were standing next to us. The names of the characters are really funny- Ichabod and Gunpowder. The story we read was really fast-moving. We actually got our first taste of your books through Amazon- did you know that you can look at some of the actual pages online? We read the story of the headless rider.
We have some questions for you- as we are meeting you on Monday- how exciting!
How old were you when your first book was published?
Where do your ideas come from?
Have any parents ever complained because your book scared their child?
Why are all your books spooky or gory?
Most of your books seem to be for older children. Would you consider writing for younger children? You'd probably have to make them less scary!
We can't wait to meet you on Monday.
Byeeee! From Whitehouse Primary, Ipswich.