Monday 10 February 2014

Scribblemania 100


  Pirate selfie

It's my 100th blog post and what could be more fitting than to flag up my latest exhibition.
Those lovely people at Calderdale, West Yorkshire have adorned the walls of the incredible Bankfield Museum with my Piratical scribblings.

There were over 350 people on the opening event and I signed books for almost two hours. Thank you to all the enthusiastic buccaneers who came from near and far to see the work and buy a book.

A special thank you goes out to Calderdale Museums and in particular the lovely Jeffrey Andrews.
His enthusiasm, support and help has been fantastic.

Thank you also to another special person. Frances Andrews taught me when I was at Middle School. She was one of the only people to have encouraged my drawing and show support for my work from an extremely young age. And all at a time when I found school a really difficult place to be !
I am DELIGHTED to still be in touch and be working with her as she continues to teach and inspire other children.

Frances on the left   Captain Mould on the right

Roadside advert

Inside the Museum

 Pirate pics

The amazing Bankfield Museum

Up to press we've had 1220 visitors to the show and all in a very short space of time.
So don't just sit there reading this nonsense, get yourself down there and see what all the fuss is about.


colinwest said...

Happy 100th Birthday Blog! Frances must be very proud of her difficult pupil and so is Uncle Colin!

Unknown said...

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