Friday 23 March 2012

Scribblemania 61

I have recently been out on the road doing presentations and workshops. Here are some of the talented children at Rishworth School in Halifax. Thank you to them all and also to Mrs Sheppard .

I was lucky enough last week to return to work with Fran Andrews and the children at Bowling Park Primary School. Fran taught and encouraged me to draw when I was a young lad at Middle School and it was great to go back and see her and meet the children. Thank you for a warm welcome and a great day.

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WorldofStories said...

Hi Chris,
I live in the States now and have a 12 year old boy and 7 year old girl. Last year I bought, on a trip to the UK, the first in the Spindlewood/Pip series. I have since bought the others and my son and I are reading the last of trilogy. First of all the stories are great! They are not dumbed down like so many American books. Secondly the artwork is truely inspiring. It looks like there is some inspiration from Ronald Searle and, to some extent, Gerald Scarfe, but you have your very own distinct voice and I love it. My son, who loves drawing is very inspired by your work. If you are ever 'touring' in New England in America, please let me know.
Simon Brooks, storyteller