Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Scribblemania 120

Christmas in September

Following on from last year's big festive hit 'A Boy Called Christmas', Matt Haig has gone and done it again with a follow on story, 'The Girl Who Saved Christmas.' 

Needless to say I feel really lucky to be continuing working on this series with Matt and Canongate. We had an early celebration with book sellers and reviewers last week in the form of a Christmas party. Well why not !? 

We had snow, Christmas trees, a crackling fire ( on a screen), goody bags filled with allsorts of treats and some fruity colourful festive drinks.

 I'm adding a few pictures to put us in the mood...Aww come on, it'll be the beginning of October in no time at all. 

Extra special thanks to Jaz Lacy Campbell for her amazing efforts. 

Cheers folks.