Friday, 29 March 2013

Scribblemania 86

A Sense of Place

I've been in my studio at Dean Clough Mills for over five years now.
Formerly the largest carpet mill in the world it is now a regenerated space and is home
to over 150 businesses aswell as various arts projects, the famous Cooking School,
and nine gallery spaces, not to mention the bars and restaurants, cafes and anything
else you might need. A room for the night? A gymnasium? A touch of retail therapy?

The current project to re create the whole place in Lego is coming along
at a fast pace and is the work of two extremely talented and dedicated bricklayers,
Tony Priestman and Michael LeCount. Here are a few current shots. The red circle
rings the two windows to my working space.

Knowing the site as I do, I'd guess that in it's present unfinished state, the model is
approximately one third complete. Yes, I know, it's HUGE! And it's well worth a visit.
So pop along and I'll show you around and make you a cuppa.

Sat nav ref: HX3 5AX, UK.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Scribblemania 85

A few sketchbook thoughts and scribbles on the life of George Stubbs - equestrian artist.
Having studied anatomy, Stubbs was fully competent in his choice of subject but he was never
given full membership of the Royal Academy. 
This, on account of him being classed as a mere 'sporting painter', something that was looked
down on by the art establishment. Not so surprising I suppose, to know that controversy and
snobbery was prevalent in the eighteenth century art world, in much the same way as it is today!